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International Languages – Elementary
Have fun learning a new language!

Have fun learning a new language!

Would Your Child Like To Learn A New Language Or Their Heritage Language And Culture?

The HWCDSB offers free language classes to all students enrolled in the 2020-21 elementary school year and to those attending a private school or are home-schooled. The focus of this program is to offer children an opportunity to develop and/or maintain the ability to listen, speak and write a new language or the language of their home and heritage. At the same time children learn about the culture and heritage associated with the language.

Classes run for 2.5 hours one day per week (after school or evenings Monday through Friday, or Saturday mornings). No prior knowledge of the language is necessary.

Once a student has registered and the classes have been organized, the Head Instructor of each language program will contact the parent/guardian to provide information on the name of the instructor, and the day and time of the virtual language lesson.

To register please go to: ...

Program Description

Students can benefit from this program, whether they wish to learn a language for the very first time or extend their knowledge of their heritage language. Over 20 language classes are offered in 24 locations throughout Hamilton.

This program provides opportunities for all students to develop new language competencies and cross-cultural understanding that
will allow them to function effectively in Canada’s multicultural society and in the international community.

Who May Apply

This program is available to all elementary school children.


Interested in becoming an International Languages Elementary Program instructor?

Interested in becoming an International Languages Elementary Program instructor?

Please go to for all of our application forms

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Instructor demonstrating brush painting. Instructor demonstrating how to hold brush.

Chinese ILEP Open House

On Friday January 17, 2020, the Chinese ILEP (International Languages - Elementary Program) group at St. Thomas More Secondary School held an Open House. The parents/guardians went to their children’s rooms and participated in various language and cultural activities. They then went into the cafeteria where they shared snacks and viewed an excellent slide presentation of their children participating in many cultural events throughout the year. Great fun was had by all.

For more information on our ILEP program, please go to

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