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Personal Support Worker (PSW)

Program Description

Next class is September 2021-June 2022.

PLEASE EMAIL INFO@STCHARLES.CA TO REGISTER. We need your name, date of birth and phone number.

This program enables students to earn a Personal Support Worker certificate issued by St. Charles. The certificate represents the standards set out by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and are satisfied by the completion of the program. Students will acquire the skills and knowledge to work as a personal support worker and gain practical experiences working in a health care environment.

There are also 6 secondary school credits attached to this course.

The program is 10 months (September to June) in duration and runs daily Monday to Friday.


The St. Charles PSW program provides students with the theory and knowledge that is required to understand all aspects of their role as a Personal Support Worker. Student learning is reinforced and enhanced by applying theory to practice while assigned to both their clinical and community cooperative education assignments. All students are supported so that all learning expectations are met with success and confidence with the goal of becoming effective Personal Support Workers in our community.

Specifically, we provide:

• educational training programs that reflect individual workplaces and the needs of our community
• innovative programs that will contribute to local, regional and global collaboration
• quality skills development programs that reflect the changing needs of the community with focus on restorative care
• professional development opportunities for communities and organizations
• career and transition assistance to assist individuals in meeting their employment and career goals
• qualified to work in community settings, private homes, long term care (LTC)
• potential branches to CDA, OTA, PTA, DSW, SSW and other healthcare careers

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PSW Students can login to the online Learning Management System (LMS) by clicking the following:

Who May Apply

19 years of age or older.
Grade 11 English, Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark Level 6 or LBS Level 5
If non-citizen, must be a convention refugee, refugee claimant or permanent resident.

Come to our credit office at 150 East 5th to pick up an application form.


How To Register

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, PLEASE EMAIL INFO@STCHARLES.CA TO REGISTER. We need your name, date of birth and phone number.

Please do not follow the instructions below.

Individuals must complete the application (see below).

Please call 905.577.0555, Press 5079# to make an appointment. Please mention that you want to apply for the PSW program.

Bring your high school transcripts and/or Canadian Language Benchmark results, if applicable.

Applicants must provide:
Proof of citizenship/Permanent Resident/Refugee (No Student Visa, No Work Visa, No Study Visa)
Photo ID
CLB Benchmark test results, if applicable
High school transcripts

Successful individuals will be contacted for an interview



$1,400 program fee, which includes:

Personal Assessment
Resource Materials
Certificate costs
Identification tags
CPR & First Aid training
Supervised Clinical Instruction

If you are seeking financial assistance, please contact your case worker or funding provider.
(Funding approvals - allow 3-6 months). Program is not eligible for OSAP. Payment installment plan available.

Prices subject to change.

Fees must be paid using SchoolCashOnline:

Visitors to Canada must pay $1,032 per credit. There are 6 credits in the course: $6,192.

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Valedictorian Ramael Esho Exciting Energy at the 2019 St. Charles Credit, Culinary Arts & PSW Graduation Ceremony

Exciting Energy at the 2019 St. Charles Credit, Culinary Arts & PSW Graduation Ceremony

There were many cheers, lots of clapping, positive energy and even a shout of “I DID IT!” at this year's St. Charles graduation ceremony on June 20th (held at our 150 East 5th location). Credit, Culinary Arts and Personal Support Worker students were all smiles when they earned diplomas and certificates to reward their achievements.

Valedictorian Ramael Esho had good reason to be excited. His journey to that moment hadn’t been easy. While in Iraq he had to leave school for work to support his family. After four years, Ramael was unhappy and decided that education was the way to turn his life around. He came to Canada and took classes at St. Charles to complete his high school diploma.

“We should all feel proud of getting to this point tonight,” he explained, “because it was not an easy journey. We have many more opportunities available to us now, and we have accomplished an important goal.”

We wish all of our proud graduates luck on their new exciting journey, wherever it may take them.

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Samuel Iweriebor, PSW Graduate

Samuel Iweriebor, PSW Graduate

My name is Samuel Iweriebor, an Economist from Nigeria. The PSW Certificate from St. Charles is the beginning of little steps that will lead me to my dream of becoming a nurse. The program is outcome based learning, the program fee is reasonable and affordable; the teachers are professional, understanding and encouraging to the point that I dubbed them DESTINY HELPERS. The school overall promoted a positive learning experience. For me, Catholic education is the hook and St. Charles is the place.
Countdown to Graduation: Tolutope Oyeyode's Story

Countdown to Graduation: Tolutope Oyeyode's Story

I’m a Nigerian trained lawyer who came to Canada with my two boys in August 2018. The PSW program at St Charles offered me anew start in life. The teachers are kind , supportive and extremely professional. The program offers detailed in class teaching, practicals and clinical placements for hands on practice. St Charles will forever be a part of my story. As I begin my career as a PSW, am excited and look forward to what the future holds.