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Announcement for current students of St. Charles

Dear Student/Learner,

We are preparing to receive students/learners for Thursday June 18, in the St. Charles sites to retrieve personal items.

Students requesting access, must contact St. Charles no later than 3:00pm Tuesday June 16. The access times will be designated and if you are requesting access you are required to contact the site clerical staff to be assigned a time for entry. When requesting access, you are required to specify the location of your locker or classroom to be visited. Site clerical staff can be contacted by email or phone and are listed below:

Mountain: 905-577-0555, Press # then ex. 3221

Young Street: 905-577-0555, Press # then ex. 2433

Main Street: 905-577-0555, Press # then ex. 2410

Barlake: 905-577-0555, Press # then ex. 2740

All students MUST receive a designated time to enter the school on Thursday June 18 by the site clerical. The school is still officially closed by Ministerial Order and we can accommodate the clean out of lockers during this specified time only. Students MUST adhere to these scheduled times.

It is critical that all students follow these instructions:

1. No one is permitted to access the school, unless they have successfully passed the ... screening questions to gain access into the school.

2. Arrive only at the scheduled/designated time. Student arriving late will lose their scheduled access time to the school.

3. Wait in your vehicle if there are 5 gathering outside of the school at their designated time. If you are walking please wait in the parking lot maintaining physical distance of 2 metres and wait for instruction from staff. Parents are not to exit their vehicles at any time. Students are to adhere to social distancing measures at all times while on school property as this is not an opportunity to socialize rather to collect personal belongings.

4. Students will be entering through the designated entrances:
1. Mountain - Back entrance (parking lot)
2. Young Street - Augusta Street entrance
3. Main Street - St. Charles entrance at back
4. Barlake - Main entrance

5. Childcare for Newcomer Children (CNC) program: one parent is permitted on-site during their scheduled/designated time block. The CNC staff have pre-bagged your child’s items and will be available for pickup at the designated location by site.

6. Wash your hands with using the provided hand sanitizer at the entrance.

7. Upon entry to the school, you must sign in and confirm you have successfully passed the Covid 19 screening assessment. Bring your own pen, or you may use one that is located on the table and re-sanitize your hands after use.

8. Travel directly to your class or locker to retrieve your personal items.

9. Keep a 2 metre (6 feet) distance from anyone else in the school to ensure physical distancing at all times.

10. Student will have a maximum time limit of 15 minutes in the school.

11. Bring a garbage bag to retrieve your personal items from your locker or classroom.

12. If someone else is at the entrance when you are ready to leave, maintain the 2 metre (6feet) physical distance.

13. When leaving the school, sign-out and record the locations that you visited.

14. As you leave the school sanitize your hands.

15. Students will sign out with staff prior to exiting the building and sanitize hands again. Parents or family members waiting for students will park in the main lot and wait there.

16. All students must immediately leave school property once they have collected their contents and not congregate in any areas on school property.

17. The use of washrooms and drinking fountains are not permitted.

Announcement for current students of St. Charles