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Countdown to Graduation: Leizel Friesen's Story

We will be featuring a few stories about our upcoming graduates over the next few days. our first is Culinary Arts student Leizel Friesen


My name is Leizel Friesen. I have been wanting to work in the culinary field since a long time. The thrill of preparing and serving delicious food always appealed to me. The passion of working with food and creating artfully prepared meals pushed me into finding out options to find a perfect, cost effective program within Hamilton. It happened when I was speaking to a friend in a meat factory where I worked that I came to know about this Culinary Arts program which is part of the HWCDSB. That student had previously studied here at this school. The past year has been a very eventful year and has helped me improve myself tremendously through various in class and practical experiences at school.

Through the grapevine at school and when connecting with my class mates I also found a job in an retirement home as a full time employee. I know that many of my other class mates have also found work opportunities at various locations. This program is not only an amazing opportunity to improve your skills at the same time being fun and eventful through out the year. There is a fair balance between classroom and kitchen activities and the coop option takes the cherry on the cake as it helps to make connections with the Hospitality and Tourism business. The flexibility within the program helps face challenging times with family and home and work and help the students achieve their dreams in becoming successful in the Food and Beverage field which encompasses a wide variety of opportunities.

The school year will end a few weeks but I will always cherish the 10 months I spent at the Culinary Arts Program at St Charles Adult and Continuing Education.

Countdown to Graduation: Leizel Friesen's Story